What is COST?

COST (Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) is an intergovernmental European framework for international cooperation between nationally funded research activities. COST creates scientific networks and enables scientists to collaborate in a wide spectrum of activities in research and technology. COST activities are administered by the COST Office.

COST provides financial support to a variety of initiatives, called Actions, for the purpose of facilitating international collaboration.

What is “Open Scholarly Communities on the Web” ?

Open Scholarly Communities on the Web is a COST Action, launched in April 2006 and running through December 2010, which is dedicated to creating a research infrastructure for humanities scholarship on the Web and an advanced e-learning system for graduate students and young researchers. More detailed information about the goals and activities of the Action is available by following the links in the adjacent menu. In a nutshell, we aim:

  1. to create a digital infrastructure for collaborative humanities research on the Web;

  2. to establish and foster the growth of Scholarly Communities that will provide feedback to the IT developers regarding the needs and expectations of humanities researchers and will serve as a core group of early adopters.

How does it work?

The Action's Management Committee organizes international events such as conferences and workshops that further the goals of the Action. The Management Committee will also consider proposals for new projects and activities consistent with the agenda of the Action.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) provide funding to facilitate the mobility of young researchers throughout Europe to contribute to the scientific objectives of the Action.

Anyone interested in participating in one of these activities is invited to contact his or her national representative. Those who are based in a country that has not signed the Memorandum of Understanding should contact the Action coordinator.

Things to bear in mind

  • COST only funds co-ordination and related expenses (such as travel). The research activities themselves are funded nationally.

  • Applicants based in countires that have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding are encouraged to contact one of the representatives from that country.

  • Applications from researchers based in countries that have not signed the Memorandum of Understanding are still welcome, but we also encourage such applicants to contact the appropriate authorities in their countries to request that the country join the Action.

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